The Route

Here are the links to each day’s route map so you can see where we are and whether the day’s riding is flat or not!

Day 1 Paris to Compeigne
Day 2 Compeigne to Amiens
Day 3 Amiens to Etaples
Day 4 Etaples to Calais
Day 5 Calais to Chatham (via Dover)
Day 6 Chatham to Blackheath

There is also an interactive map here which should enable you to actually track any of the riders who are logged in in real time on the Ride from Paris and on teh other rides that will be meeting us at Blackheath before the mass ride into Central London

This is 360 slightly undulating miles overall plus 12 miles or so from Blackheath to the finish, plus extra some days to the hotels & getting lost & diversions from the route to visit cemeteries etc so all in all I’m expecting to clock up 400 miles or so!

Thanks for reading and supporting me and Help for Heroes and how about every time you check out the map and see how hilly the route is you also text BBBR51 £2 to 70070 to help me up the hills?


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