Get Off Your High Saddle

As a cyclist (one who doesn’t jump red lights) I can’t agree more with the safety message and the sometimes defensive attitude of cyclists. Shame they don’t ride defensively too!

The Custody Record

Those of you that follow me will know that I have been banging out the tweets this week for Road Safety Week and have been using the hashtag #RSW13


Those of you that have followed me for some time will also know that me banging on about road safety is nothing new. There may even be some of you who have been bored enough to read my bio to see that I mention it in there too.

During my service I spent just over 7 years working on a busy roads policing unit (Traffic to those as long in the tooth as me). During my time on that team I was exposed to every sort of carnage the roads can throw at people. I’ve seen pedestrians knocked down, cars into cars, trees, houses and every other vehicle you can imagine. I’ve seen cyclists nudged from their bikes, smashed into and…

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