The Deadly Equation

A must read for anyone with an interest in Mental Health, Acute healthcare/ A&E, policing and/or physical intervention

Mental Health Cop

No big introduction, just crack on and read this.  Written by Dr Jenny HOLMES, a Force Medical Examiner and Psychiatrist.  Not all doctors appreciate what she has to say.  Also bear in mind, this recent post by @NathanConstable – how many more deaths will we read about, before the penny drops? 😦

Today I have been at a conference full of eminent people in Manchester, discussing Policing and Mental Health. Police, Doctors, Psychiatric Nurses and many others along with those who have carried out important reports such as Lord Adebowale (who reviewed how the Metropolitan Police deal with mental health in the wake of several deaths and serious incidents). Lord BRADLEY was there to update on the progress of a National Liaison and Diversion service. And Drusilla SHARPLING who produced the HMIC report ‘A Criminal Use of Police Cells’ looking at s136 detentions

Drusilla said that having a person in…

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