It doesn’t stop here for the wounded…

One of the great things about the Help for Heroes rides is the opportunity to meet so many different people, all on the ride for their own reason, all on their own particular journey. I met and rode with Major-General’s & Mr’s; Colonels & Corporal’s and people from every walk of life. The wounded guys were truly inspirational to chat to and ride alongside or in a few cases behind them was a real priveledge for me. This year as well as British wounded guys & girls there were American.s from Operation Comfort & the Walter Reed Hospital and Canadians from Wounded Warriors & Soldier On. I want to share something from one of the Yank’s and one of the Canuks.

Charlie Lemmon posted this video today of one of him riding one section of the ride in Kent on our way to London on his handbike. I hope it gives you an idea of just how low to the ground these guys are and how fast they go downhill. It wasn’t long after this that Charlie’s brake cable snapped, bearing in mind he had been doing over 35 MPH in this clip and they only have one brake, on the front wheel he was lucky we were on a flatter section at the time. Not that it seemed to faze Charlie at all!

On our day riding through Azincourt at lunch one of the Canadian guys Sean spoke candidly and movingly about his journey to where he is today including how his service in Afghanistan has left him with psychological injuries. Sean has received help from Soldier On and discovered a passion for Endurance Sports (which came in handy on some days of our ride!) and is competing later this month in an Ironman competition and as part of that he is fundraising for Soldier on. If you have 5 minutes, check out his fundraising page and if you can give him your support.

LAstly for tonight here is a piece from CBC News about the Canadians


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