Short Summary

The long summary is still to come and I’ll write/finish a post about each day over the next few days too when i’ve got my head back into “reality” after an incredible week riding from Paris to London but I just wanted to sum up a few thoughts I had today as I cycled to work.
In the course of last week I cycled 441 miles according to my roommate & riding buddy’s speedo and climbed 14435 ft ( that’s nearly the height of Mt Blanc)! I was very lucky to meet my roommate, also Simon hence a few people commenting on the ride about “Simon in stereo” when they saw us. We got on straight away and rode consistently together for all the ride.
One thing the ride confirmed is how much we need the people around us. I know how much I need & rely on Vicky without being away from her for a week but being away confirmed it.
I was told by one person on the ride how my encouragement helped them up one particular hill which was a truly humbling moment for me, what the person who told me that didn’t know was that just before I encouraged him I had been really struggling but the sight of other people pedalling slowly & determinedly up the hill in front of me, the thought of Vicky & our boys, the thought of everyone who had supported me, like Mum & Dad, Andy & Sue at the restaurant; Mal & Ali had kept me going. Mostly what inspired me were the wounded blokes like Justin


Justin was responsible for my best cycling 20 or so minutes following him on Saturday as he blasted along on his handbike and you know when I took this picture he couldn’t have been more surprised that I wanted to take the picture of him Oli. I’ve cried at cemeteries, cried at guide points but never before have I had quite so many emotions riding down a hill. The humility that these guys have in saying people like me & the fundrasiers are the amazing ones is quite a hard thing to accept but equally the wounded guys won’t accept how we are inspired
As promised more soon.but for now I need more sleep.
Thanks for reading


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