The journey begins

0650 Monday 27th May and I’m finally on my way, after months of training ( not as much as I probably should have done) and fundraising I’m typing this on my phone on the way to London to join up with some of the other riders, then it’s Eurostar to Paris and getting ready for the ride to start properly tomorrow. Despite the months i’ve had to prepare the last few days have been a bit of a blur of packing & sorting but ive got my bike , my passport & my wallet so i guess thats the important stuff! Vicky dropped me at the station and i’ll miss her this week and am a sad not to be at home tomorrow to hear about her fIrst day in her new job. Good Luck darling i’m so proud of you. I’ll update this blog through the day so keep checking back ! Thanks for reading & supporting.


I’ve changed trains at Haywards Heath and I have to say First Capital Connect carriages aren’t as accommodating for bloke with bike & bag as Southern’s were (pictured above)

Arrived at St Pancras short walk & bike dropped off into the safe hands of the Discover Adventure support crew.

On check-in we get a label for our bikes showing which hotel we are in each night. 300+ riders aren’t easy to accommodate and the route is the same for us all until the outskirts of each town where we stop where the orange arrows change colour to divert us to our hotels.

Next stop was meeting up with some of the gang, at the Champagne Bar no less!
After going through Security & passport checks its great to see faces of people I’ve met before on the ride I did in 2010 or people I’ve “met” online on Facebook or Twitter, or at fundraising events & the training ride and of course lots of people I’ve not met before. Small knots of people mostly in our Help for Heroes ride T Shirts stood about chatting until it’s time to get on the train, 2 carriages full of us! Heaven help anyone else travelling on the Eurostar today who doesn’t want to talk about cycling, hills, fundraising oh and socialising of course!

The Eurostar left dead on time, we are on our way!



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