Weather forecast

Hi Simon first I would like to wish you the best of luck for the ride and hope the weather is good
Right about the forecast any more than three days ahead of the current date the is still time for things to change so this will be more of a rough as many of times I have tried to forecast and things have changed in the past. The outlook is wet but the best day is looking to be you last day in France.
is looking like a rather wet day will light showers from morning turning heavy during the day with the risk of some hail and the odd rumble is any storm builds up. Wind are looking to be around 4-8Mph from the South but will shift to a more South West during the early evening with temps around 15-18C
More rain and some heavy showers could be expected again with winds from the North around the 8-16Mph with temps between 12 -18C.
Is looking to be your best day and should remain dry with some sunny spells winds will be from the North West between the 8-16Mph with temp between 13-18C
Sat and Sun are looking to be about the same with a dry start but with the risk of a few light showers during the day with winds from the North and North West in the area of 8-16Mph with temps anywhere between 15-17C .
Best of luck and do you have a page for the ride i would gladly give it a like and try to give you a day to day forecast on the page. Mike


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