Why Help for Heroes & why a bike ride?

This time next week the first days riding will be over. Seems a good time to remind you why I’m doing this & to remind you that to support my fundraising for Help for Heroes all you need to do is go to my fundraising page : http://www.bmycharity.com/SimonWParistoLondonpedal

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Dieppe Wreath layingHand Bikes

I’ve been asked why I support Help for Heroes.  In 2004, I was medically discharged from the RAF after 14 years.  Despite leaving the RAF earlier than I had planned because of my hearing loss I consider myself to be lucky.  I left with all the bits of me that were attached when I joined up still attached when I left!  Far too many of our young servicemen and women aren’t as lucky as me.  After a few years of not doing quite as much exercise as I could have I decided that I needed to get a bit fitter and wanted a physical challenge to motivate me.  It was around this time in 2009 I saw on the Help for Heroes  website http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/ details of their “Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2010” and signed up, committed to raise some money and started cycling more than I had since i’d got my first car!, .

I am…

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