It’s less than a month now before I join 300 other lycra clad loonies and head of to Paris for the startof the Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride leg of the Hero Ride. The most pressing deadline is Friday 3rd May for you to sign up join the last leg into Central London with us. You can do that here Whether you plan on riding or going to Central London to watch and support the up to 1000 cyclists, it should be quite a sight . Particularly when you see the wounded riders on their hand bikes.

Hand Bikes

Today the news has been full of the death of 3 more servicemen in Afghanistan and the impact that will have on their families must be truly devastating but almost as an afterthought on the TV news was a glimpse of 3 ambulances carrying 7 wounded personnel to the QE Hospital in Birmingham this afternoon escorted by West Midlands Police Officers.  I’ve posted about this before in the post Blue Light Run   These are individuals who hopefully will make a full recovery but may well need support from Help for Heroes or one of their partner charities.

I’m counting down to Saturday when I’ve been invited to Tedworth House for a training ride with some of the Band of Brothers and to meet ex RAF Paralympic silver medallist Jon Allan Butterworth, more on that on Sunday’s post I’m sure.

The last countdown will be to when I tot up my final amount you have helped me raise this time round for Help for Heroes but don’t worry about that just yet, there is lots of time to donate still on my online page

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