Blue Light Run

Help for Heroes do a huge amount to support Servicemen & Women injured whilst serving abroad but that journey to support starts wherever they are when they are injured. For those that are seriously injured the RAF’s Aeromed teams from the RAF’s Tactical Medical Wing and No 4624 Aeromedical Evacuation Sqncan very quickly collect their patient and in what is essentially a flying intensive care unit whisk them back to the Royal Centre for Defence Medicineat the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where they can get the best possible clinical care and importantly where their family can be close at hand. These aeromedical flights land at Birmingham airport just up the road from where I used to live but once there the journey still isn’t over as the hospital is still on the other side of a busy city.
That’s where West Midlands Police come in. The West Midlands Police Flikr photo stream shows how they carry out a VIP escort to get the wounded serviceman and the medical team through city centre traffic to the QE Hospital as quickly & as safely as possible.
These pictures show just one tiny piece of the work that goes in to getting one person the best care they can possibly get. They deserve the best possible care right through their recovery & rehabilitation and on through their life. Thanks to Help for Heroes and other charities & organisations and your help we can make sure they will get the help & support they deserve.
Thanks for reading & you can donate towards my fundraising for Help for Heroes here



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