A lucky Escaper

I’ve just seen this report from the Daily Mail of the death of Flt Lt Les Broderick. Les Broderick who had been a POW for a year before the breakout from Stalag Luft III that was celebrated as The Great Escape in March 1944 Broderick was one of the lucky ones who having been recaptured was one of the 17 returned to the prisoner of war camp and not summarily executed as 50 of his fellow escapees were. 3 of the escapee’s made good their escape and there is a very interesting article about the Escape by Rob Davis here .
One thing Broderick’s story shows is how important luck can be in life. He survived being shot down, being imprisoned, recaptured, and a forced march as the Russians approached before surviving the floods that devastated the East Coast of England where he settled after the war. I consider myself lucky too. I have a very good life and unlike the guys & girls helped by Help for Heroes I was medically discharged from the RAF with everything still attached!
If you can help me raise a little bit of money to support Help for Heroes it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Picture from the film from IMDB.com


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