How did that happen?

I started this blog as a way to answer a question one of our friends asked me. Why was I doing the Big Battlefield Bike Ride? & why was Help for Heroes so important to me? Having seen a friend of mine Michael Brown ( @MentalHealthCop on twitter ) use a blog to explain issues around policing & mental health to great effect blogging seemed like a great way to share more information on the ride and H4H generally than twitter or facebook make possible.

I thought i’d post occasionally in the hope it might publicise my fundraising and would help promote the companies and people who have helped me raise as much as I can for this great cause and why it matters. I don’t think I’m quite as obsessed with blogging as Vicky thinks I am but then she knows me better than anyone and is usually right, but I have enjoyed writing these posts and most days a news article or tweet or something I’m doing or planning jumps out as something I can write a blog about.

It’s been nice to see that the blog is being read by more people than I thought it would but yesterday completely blew my mind, I posted about the Canadian team from Wounded Warriors who will be joining the ride and tweeted  the link to one of the guys from Wounded Warriors Wayne and to the bike manufacturer Cervelo who provided bikes to Wounded Warriors for their participation in the ride last year.  Cervelo retweeted the link and all of a sudden my blog had it’s highest number of views in 24 hours since I started.  What really amazed me though was that the Canadians post wan’t just read in Canada but was viewed in 13 Countries around the world including Australia, Japan, Mauritius and Bolivia!  Today Germany has popped up on the list of countries the Blog has been read in for the first time.  Guten Tag Deutschland!


Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, please keep reading my posts and feel free to leave a comment for me, also check out Michaels Blog for a really interesting view on the issues facing us all in terms of how Mental Health accounts for around 20% of Police activity.   Also it would be great to translate the views on the blog into cold hard cash so please if you can text BBBR51 £2 to 70070 or you can donate via BmyCharity by clicking here





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