The Canadians are coming!

One of the key elements of the Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Rides is the inclusion of wounded servicemen & women on the ride. It’s very humbling to meet & ride with people who have put what many of us would consider to be devastating & life changing injuries to one side and take on the challenge of riding more than 300 miles. For those of us who haven’t been through such a traumatic event it’s hard to imagine how they cope with such positivity & good (occasionally very black) humour!
It’s especially inspiring to see the guys on the hand bikes getting themselves up some of the “undulations” on the route that Discover Adventure prepare.

Hand Bikes
Last year a group of “Wounded Warriors” from Canada joined wounded servicemen from the UK and United States in completing the Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2012 and they will be back again this year. Wounded Warriors are supported by bike manufacturer Cervelo and there is a great article here from Cervelo’s territory manager Glenn Innes that describes what it’s like to complete a Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride. Another story here is about one of the Canadian vets who will be joining the ride this year.

Canadians at Vimy WW-group-riding-960-x-480-ff25f2ee-57c3-4948-bdff-a59dddb0dca8-0-2592x1296
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