Message from the top


The post below is from an email from Bryn Parry OBE one of the Co-Founders of Help for Heroes. I thought I’d share it with you:

I was at one of our Recovery Centres on Friday night when one of the residents, a Rifleman who has lost both his legs, came to show me his new prosthetics. He has the brand new Geniums and was full of enthusiasm as he described all they will enable him to do. They are a big step up from his C-legs and he wanted to thank all at H4H for our part in enabling him and his colleagues to get them.

It made me think about H4H and with what extraordinary speed the last five and a half years have passed as we have battled to improve the lives of heroes. Perhaps we haven’t spent enough time reflecting on what we have achieved, thanks to your support.

Would our wounded still be swimming at Leatherhead instead of their own rehabilitation pool at Headley Court? Would we have seen thousands enjoy adaptive sports and other Battle Back activities with some winning Paralympic medals? Would there be £millions available to support individuals with immediate financial grants? Would other charities have been as well supported? If we had not fought for the provision of Genium prosthetics or the Murrison limb fitting centres, would these provisions have been made?

Would there be relatives’ houses near hospitals for the nearest and dearest as they sit by the bedside of their loved one? Would there be the Band of Brothers and Sisters networks offering fellowship, or Support Hubs providing coordinated welfare help? Would there be an employment partnership with the MOD? Certainly there would not have been Recovery Centres offering life-long support, perhaps not even the Defence Recovery Capability.

What about the way the public now show our members of the Armed Forces respect? The public now realise that while we Civvies don’t want to wear uniform and risk our lives; we can help those who do.

Despite everything that we have done together, it’s not over yet. After five years of working together, we now have the framework in place, something better than has ever existed before, but now we have to build on that to deliver our promise of support for life.

Please keep doing your bit; they have done theirs. Pull on that Lycra and join the Hero Ride. Get baking, running, quizzing, climbing, swimming; do whatever you can. Keep going, they have their whole lives ahead of them and they need us. We may have peace one day but they will still be battling.

Thank you all.

Onwards and Upwards!


If you want to open the message in your web browser you can click here.

PS The Bear cyclist is a Bryn Parry illustration!

You can support my fundraising for Help for Heroes here


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