Hidden Support

The Hidden Cellar

The great thing about supporting Help for Heroes is the support you get from unexpected quarters and just how supportive people can be. A couple of months ago I sent out tweets to loads of local businesses in Eastbourne and Sussexsetting out what I was doing this year and asking if they could help me. A few, just a few replied . Those that did have been very generous and today I met the latest people to offer me support in fundraising for the Help for Heroes Hero ride.

Andy & Sue and the team at Wills Restaurant are just about to relaunch the restaurant as The Hidden Cellar and among everything that involves they have taken the time to meet me & offer to help my fundraising and allow me to share some of the limelight on their re-launch night to publicise Help for Heroes & the ride. We’ve also agreed that their new logo will get an airing on my cycling kit!


It never ceases to surprise me how Help for Heroes has gripped the consciousness of people, whether like Andy & Sue you know someone who has had support from the charity or like me you have a service connection and a feeling that “there but for a bit of luck go I” , or just because you recognise what it is the charity are trying to achieve in supporting people injured in serving their country.

So I just want to say that even when money is tight for many of us the support is out there for fundraising for charities and it’s not always hiddden, but if you find a Hidden Cellar then like i’ve done you might also find some Hidden Support!

You can support me by visiting my fundraising page, or if there is another way you think you can help please get in touch by emailing me at simonwcharityride@hotmail.co.uk




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