BBBR51 £2


That’s all you need to text to 70070 to donate towards my fundraising. If you could that would be great thank you. Of course if you wanted to you could change the £2 to a larger amount. Everything you donate helps me to raise as much as possible for Help for Heroes.

Some of you may have seen on BBC Breakfast this morning some clips from Tedworth House (@TedworthHouse on Twitter) one of the Recovery Centres funded by Help for Heroes. What you won’t have seen is Ross Kemp one of the Help for Heroes Patron’s leading some of the residents in the current dance craze The Harlem Shake. Well you can see it here

I can’t promise the Harlem Shake but I can guarantee that if you are in London on Sunday 2nd June you will see lot’s of cyclist’s with shaky legs completing the final leg of the Big Battlefield Bike Ride from Blackheath to the Cenotaph in Whitehall along with riders who have cycled in from Tedworth House and from other places across the country.

I’ll post more about what a Big Battlefield Bike Ride is like in another post but for now don’t forget…..BBBR51 £2 to 70070




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